LongLife™ Slitting Tool


Mate LongLife™ Slitting Tool System for Trumpf Style Punch Presses

Fully OEM compatible, Mate LongLife is the market’s slitting tool system utilizing M4PM™ tool steel. M4PM tool steel provides the highest tool performance with superior wear resistance and increased toughness, resulting in higher quality punched parts and longer tool life.

Mate LongLife consists of the following tool components with these benefits:

Punch Inserts

  • Manufactured from M4PM tool steel
  • Available in four shapes: rectangle, oval, trapezoid and dovetail
  • Variable sizes inch and metric sizes available from 0.787(19,00 mm) to 3.00 (76,20 mm)
  • Available with Maxima™ coating

Punch Insert Holders

  • Choose between two available types of insert punch holders is available
    • Speed set-up with an integral alignment ring for fast and precise tool setup
    • If you need manual angle setting flexibility, use the insert holder requiring a heavy duty alignment ring
  • Either Mate LongLife punch holders work with conventional machine strippers.

Die Inserts

  • Made from M4PM tool steel for exceptional die strength and high wear resistance
  • Available in one-piece or two-piece
  • Available in four shapes: rectangle, oval, trapezoid and dovetail
  • Variable inch and metric sizes available from 0.787(19,98mm) to 3.00(76,20 mm)
  • Available with 11 standard discrete die clearances or customers may indicate their own

Die Inserts Holders

  • Feature precise orientation
  • Die inserts are assembled into one of two die insert holders:
    • 2.205(56,00 mm) long inserts
    • 3.000(76,20 mm) inserts
  • Include precise angular orientation at 0 and 90 degrees for maximum flexibility.

Trumpf-manufactured punch and die inserts at the maximum length are etched as “30,00 mm,” “56,00 mm” or “76,20 mm.” In measuring these OEM products, Mate determined that, in reality, they are 0,12 mm shorter than etched. For example, a Trumpf-made “76,20 mm” insert is actually 76,08 mm. (Trumpf-manufactured punch and die inserts for lengths shorter than the maximum length are not affected by this issue.)
Mate etches the inserts at the actual length manufactured (for example, 76.08 mm). If you are replacing a Trumpf-manufactured part with the maximum length, please order the inserts 0,12mm shorter (as in the above chart) to improve compatibility with Trumpf-brand inserts or preexisting programs.

Ordering Guide

Punch Insert

PPDE*ASize 56 - 0.787(19,98) to 2.205(56,00)
PPDF*ASize 76 - 2.206(56,01) to 3.000(76,20)

Punch Holder

PPD2HAwithout alignment ring)
PPD2HAVANTFwith integral alignment ring

Die Insert

DSDE*_ 1-piece insertSize 56 - 0.787(19,98) to 1.575(40,01)
DTDE*_ 2-piece insertSize 56 - 0.787(19,98) to 2.205(56,00)
DSDF*_ 1-piece insertSize 76 - 0.787(19,98) to 2.498(63,47)
DTDF*_ 2-piece insertSize 76 - 0.787(19,98) to 3.000(76,20)

Note: when ordering an oval punch insert, the die insert must be a rectangle with radius corners.

Die Holder Assembly

DPD2H056for up to .250 x 2.000(6,35x56,00))
DPD2H076for up to .250 x 3.000(6,35x76,20)

Replacement Die Shims

MATE013265,00 x 56,00 .012(0,30mm) thick
MATE013275,00 x 56,00 .020(0,51mm) thick
MATE013285,00 x 76,20 .012(0,30mm) thick
MATE013295,00 x 76,20 .020(0,51mm) thick


D0T2*_ Standard Solid Size 2 Die, rectangle or oval only
Maxima™ coating for punches