Original Style Forming


Thick Turret 1-1/4″ B Station Original Style Forming Tools

Mate Thick Turret 1-1/4” Station Original Style forming tools combine the economy of original style thick turret tooling, with the convenience of integrated tool body construction, and the simplicity of the hexagon shaped punch head. Ideal for hydraulic punch presses with programmable penetration control.

Mate Thick Turret Original style forming tools in the 1-1/4” B station, are available to suit eight of the most popular form types, listed below. They provide a simpler and economic alternative to our fully adjustable thick turret forming tool system: Ultraform®.

Each original style forming tool is supplied as a complete assembly with everything needed for “out-of-the-box” operation. Each forming tool includes a hexagon shaped punch head for easier tool handling and limited length adjustment. Every forming tool is carefully engineered to suit the specific material type, material thickness, and machine model for your application. Caution should be exercised before interchanging between machines to ensure full compatibility.