Nova® Tooling System for Finn-Power Punch Presses

Mate’s Nova® Tooling System is the world’s first and only tooling designed specifically for the high speed hydraulic Finn-Power press. Mate’s status as Original Equipment Manufacturer for Finn-Power makes Nova® tooling the only way to take full advantage of the capabilities of the Finn-Power press. Mate Slug Free® Dies and uniform clearance corners are standard features. Why settle for the ordinary when you have Mate?

Features and Benefits:

Premium high speed steel – superb performance at a thousand hits-per-minute and lasts for millions more.

  • Quick and easy to change, minimize maintenance costs and maximize punch press productivity.
  • Long guide length, fully guided heavy-duty strippers, and Slug Free® dies – reliability and durability.
  • Nova’s low maintenance design – ease of use and long life results in drastic cost savings for Finn-Power users. It guarantees clean, flat and accurate piece parts for only pennies per hit.


Nova® Tooling System, with Nova® Style Dies - North America

StyleStationMaximum Punch Diagonal
Nova® System Drop-In StyleA1.000(25.40)
Nova® System Quick Set StyleD2.000(50.80)
G 3.500(88.90)

Nova® Tooling System, with Finn Style Dies - Outside North America

StyleStationMaximum Punch DiagonalMaximum Die Opening
Nova® System Drop-In StyleA1.000(25.40)0.856(21.74)
Nova® System Quick Set StyleD 2.000(50.80)2.680(68.07)
G 3.500(88.90) 3.543(89.99)


Each guide assembly accepts a wide range of punch sizes for its designated Finn-Power tool holder — no need to dedicate an assembly to each punch.

  • Punches are removed or replaced in seconds
    • Drop-in style is held in place by a lock ring on the punch
    • Quick-set style by a single bolt and lock ring.
  • The Quick-set style guide assembly is designed for larger punch shanks and hole sizes found in stations D, E, F and G.
  • Sturdy strippers provide excellent load bearing capacity, clamp material securely and guide punches at the cutting edge for clean-cut holes and flatter piece parts.
  • Strippers and punches are locked and keyed together for precise angular and concentric alignment.
  • Compact tool size minimizes leverage created by lateral forces which extends punch life and produces clean-cut holes.


  • Premium high speed tool steel – specially formulated high speed steel and heat treatment processes result in high tool performance, superior dimensional accuracy and maximum tool life.
  • Back taper – standards and special shapes prevents galling, reduces stripping pressure and heat build up, increasing tool life.
  • Over 0.250(6.40) grind life – Up to 50 regrinds at 0.005(0.13) per regrind for optimum hole quality and long tool life (Note: Grind life is a function of material thickness, die penetration and tool length adjustment. Actual grind life may vary.)


  • Precision hardened and ground material – resists abrasive action of punching, extends tool life, prevents pickup of slivers that may cause sheet marking.
  • Punch point guiding – allowing no lateral movement of the punch point assures the most accurate and best quality piece parts, prevents scrap from rising into the assembly.
  • Radiused face – reduces sheet marking, improves piece part quality.


  • Highly wear resistant, chrome air hardened tool steel to balance hardness and toughness.
  • Slug Free® die geometry eliminates slug pulling. Uniform clearance radii in die corners to eliminate pip marks.
  • Precision orientation for superior piece part quality.
  • Up to 0.118(3.00) grind life. Superior roundness and flatness with exceptional die strength.