Scrapless Part Retention.

EasySnap™ allows fabricators to simply snap punched components out of sheet metal with a clean, smooth edge. EasySnap reduces the need for slitting and micro-joints for part retention.

EasySnap™ features a linier V-line stencil machined onto the face of the upper and lower tools. As the tools penetrate the sheet they create a line of weakness (snap-line) in both surfaces of the sheet metal. The sheet metal can then be snapped apart by bending the material along the snap-line. The continuous nature of the design allows the length of the snap-line to a maximum suggested length of 12 inches (300mm). The actual depth of penetration and force required to snap the part is dependent on the ductility and thickness of the material being punched.

Maximum Flexibility.

EasySnap™ is available to suit popular tool styles and stations sizes for maximum flexibility.

The maximum suggested material thickness is 0.078(2.00) for mild steel and aluminum and 0.059(1.50) for stainless steel. Thicker materials require more force to snap apart.