Ultra® IMT™ Fully Indexable Multi Tool

  • Ultra IMT Fully Indexable Multi Tool

    Ultra IMT 3 Station

  • Ultra IMT Fully Indexable Multi Tool

    Ultra IMT 8 Station

  • Fully Indexable Multi Tool - Offset Sample

    Ultra IMT 3 Station Sample


Mate’s Ultra® IMT™ Fully Indexable Multi Tool¹ allows fabricators to get even more productivity from their thick turret punch presses.* Unlike standard multi tools, which only have one angle setting, fully indexable multi tools can achieve any angle setting on the workpiece. Mate’s Ultra® IMT™ Fully Indexable Multi Tool are ideal for long production runs using the same shape tool with many different angle settings.

Mate offers two versions of Ultra IMT fully indexable multi tool:

  • 3-Station, which uses standard Ultra 1-1/4” B-Station punches and strippers and thick turret B-Station dies. It can punch up to 6mm material with maximum tonnage of 16 tons (142kN).*
  • 8-Station, which uses standard Ultra ½” A-Station punches and strippers, and thick turret A-Station dies. It can punch up to 6mm material with maximum tonnage of 7 tons (62kN).**

Mate conducted extensive customer research before embarking on the design of Ultra IMT, asking them to define their vision of the ideal multi tool. This research not only confirmed our perceptions, but provided us with interesting insights that led to the design of other customer-centric features.

The advantages and benefits of Mate’s design include:

  • Ultra IMT is incredibly easy to use. Assembly and disassembly is very simple.No tools required for punch, striker and stripper retention/removal.
  • No specialized tooling inventory required! Ultra IMT is designed to use Mate’s UltraTEC® punches, strippers and Slug Free® dies. Ultra TEC punches provide exceptional life between regrinds, while Ultra TEC strippers have recess for an added 0.118 inch (3.00 mm) punch grind life. Slug Free dies eliminate slug pulling and increase piece part quality.
  • Reduced machine downtime. Ultra IMT’s drop-in quick tool change design allows for fast tool changes while increasing productivity.
  • Ultra IMT’s integral punch length adjustment feature ensures optimal punching performance and efficient slug discharge across a wide material range.
  • Easy identification of the active station. Ultra IMT has a clearly viewable “Zero Mark” that indicates the start/home position and a station ID window to quickly see the active station; both assist in reducing the chance for error.
  • Ergonomic design. Ultra IMT’s ergonomic design makes it easy to wrap your hands around the holder. Plus you can also use a T-Handle to assist in lifting the holder.
  • Variable stripping force options for heavy duty and light duty applications, let you adjust Ultra IMT’s downward force to reduce sheetmarking in thin materials or aluminum.**
  • Innovative Ultra IMT holder, which is designed so each tool is individually activated. This means that inactive punches are prevented from moving, protecting part surfaces from unwanted marks. In addition, the guide is fully-hardened for long life and minimal wear.
  • Fully ported for lubrication, which is delivered via the punch ram through the central shaft over all moving surfaces within the punch holder assembly. In addition, external spiral grooves in the outside diameter of the holder reduce friction between the machine and holder, especially during high speed nibbling operations.

* Requires compatibility with machine ram and programming software. Contact punch press machine supplier for details.
** Do not exceed recommended tonnage. Consult product instructions for details.
¹ IMT is a trademark of Mate Precision Technologies Inc.

Ultra Multi Tool is patented under the following patents:

United States: 7,726,554; 8,152,052; 8,464,928 and 8,413,561
Canada: CA 2,664,784
Mexico: 306,976 and 305,729
China: CN 101528427B


A rendering of Mate’s popular Ultra® IMT™ fully indexable multi tool, demonstrating the ease in switching tooling. Simple, fast, and efficient.

Machine Eligibility

Eligible machines as of October 2011

  • Finn-Power 12 Series and newer machines (except X5)
    • Note: An optional shot-pin and software modification required
  • Finn-Power 10 Series and 11 series, where a retrofit is possible
  • Dimeco
  • Durma
  • JFY
  • Tailift
  • Yawei

Machines not eligible

  • Finn-Power X5 machines
  • Finn-Power machines older than 10 Series