Remount Services


LensMate Lens Mounting Options for Amada Style Lasers

Reduce lens mounting downtime with Mate’s user-friendly CO2 laser lens mounts. Mate Amada style lens mounts offer cost-savings and convenience.

  • Eliminate the costs and sealing problems of Indium wire. Mate’s premium high temperature o-ring resists seal failures, blow outs, and lasts through multiple lens changes.
  • Do it yourself, quick, easy lens replacement. Simply remove hex screws and mounting ring, inspect and reseat the o-ring, replace new lens and reassemble.
  • Available for Pulsar, Apelio and Gemini style mounts.

CO2 Laser Lens Remounting Service

Want to reuse your traditional Indium wire style lens mounts? Mate offers a quick turn-around lens remounting service for mounts with Indium wire. Save the cost of a new mount by reusing your existing Amada style mount.

Return your used mount and lens to Mate. Mate will then refurbish and reassemble the mount with your choice of a new Mate Peak™ or Mate Performax™ lens. The remounted lens will be returned to you within a few business days.

remount seriesThe Mate Lens remounting service includes:

  •  Disassembly, removal of the indium wire, and cleaning of the lens mount (Fig.1).
  •  Replacement of the Indium wire, and mounting of your choice of a new Mate Peak™, or Mate Peformax™ lens (Fig.2).
  •  Return of the reassembled mount and new lens (Fig.3).