DynoLock™ Bases


The Mate DynoLock quick change workholding base system is the foundation of your workholding and the key to superior productivity. The product mounts to your machine bed, tombstone, pyramid or riser. DynoLock offers best-in-class accuracy and repeatability and maintains a superior holding force on the top tool. Mate takes the term Zero Point very seriously. DynoLock has what it takes to securely hold your vise, whether you change the same vise repeatedly or exchange it for a different one. DynoLock reduces your machine setup times and keeps you in the cut. 

Product highlights: 

  • Maximum holding power and best in-class center accuracy and repeatability 
  • Pull studs are secured by a collar for superior holding 
  • Zero-point quality engagement with 52mm and 96mm four post pull stud pattern 
  • Available in 11 size variations

52 Family

96 Family


DynoLock™ Workholding Bases Features

  1. Table mount options: mounting bore holes or toe clamp engagement
  2. Manually actuated using standard 6mm hex
  3. Raised contact pads ensures better flatness and improved machining debris removal
  4. Collar style pull stud engagement design – centering distribution for superior holding force and repeatability
  5. Poka-Yoke alignment feature
  6. Mate’s QuickSpecs™ 2D bar code tag that is smartphone enabled and 3D graphic supported, with links to full product specs and CAD files
  7. Lifters (ball plungers) help to lift the vise off of the contact surfaces of the base to making vise removal easier
  8. Toe Clamp engagement option for direct mounting to the machine table
  9. Precision center probe hole for acquiring location indicator readings
  10. Compatible with competitor vises if Mate pull studs are attached
  11. Supports bottom centering plate and alignment keys for direct mount 5-axis machine tables
  12. Made in USA. 
  13. Patents Pending.