Wellness and Engagement Program

Mate encourages employees to prioritize their well-being by providing resources and rewards for participation in the program. Employees who participate in two of our programs and get their annual physical will save $600 a year off their medical premiums and spouses are eligible to participate to save an additional $300 a year.

6 Dimensions of Well-Being

To best care for our employees, we developed programs around the following lifestyle competencies:

  • Physical – encouraging overall wellness through the balance of healthy habits, physical activity, and proper nutrition.
  • Emotional – enhancing one’s ability to cope with life and build satisfying relationships.
  • Financial – increasing satisfaction with current and future financial situations.
  • Social – developing a sense of connection, belonging, and a strong support system within everyday lives.
  • Intellectual – recognizing creative abilities and finding ways to expand knowledge and skills.
  • Safety – understanding occupational, environmental, and personal safety concerns to reduce risk.

Volunteer Opportunities

Picnics and Food Trucks at Mate