Our History

Mate Precision Tooling was founded in 1962 and was originally located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, quickly becoming a specialist in the design, manufacture and marketing of punch press tooling. In the early years, the company operated only in the local market. It soon became apparent there was a need for a national specialist in punch press tooling. In 1967, Mate filled this void by expanding into the national market using innovative marketing techniques that today are widely taken for granted: guaranteed delivery dates; standard catalogs and price lists; and a toll-free number. Today, Mate is a leading manufacturer of superior products and solutions for sheet metal fabricators worldwide.

1962 Mate is founded at 2201 Washington Avenue North, Minneapolis, sharing the facilities with Twin City Manufacturing. After one year, Mate has three full-time employees.
1966 Mate moves to 240 22nd Avenue North, Minneapolis.
1967 Mate publishes a catalog specially for punch press tooling, with the idea of expansion into the national market.
1971 The national marketing program is very successful. Mate moves to a 12,500 square foot (1,200 square meter) building in Ramsey,  Minnesota.
1974 Mate doubles its size to 25,000 square feet (2,300 square meters)
1978 Mate doubles again – expanding to 50,000 square feet (4,600 square meters).
1984 Mate builds the first of many integrated manufacturing cells.
1985 Mate develops Nova® tooling system for Prima Power punch presses.
1986 Mate launches advanced Marathon® tooling system for Murata Wiedemann punch presses.
1989 Mate opens sales office in the United Kingdom.
1990 Mate opens Western Europe sales office.
1991 Mate expands to over 100,000 square feet (9,300 square meters), eight times the original size of the Ramsey location.
1992 Mate Precision Tooling GmbH is formed in Oberursel, Germany.
1995 Mate launches advanced Ultra® tooling system for thick turret punch presses.
1998 Mate opens Asia sales office.
1999 Mate opens the Mate Technology Center.
2000 Mate expands to Latin America.
2000 Mate moves to 1295 Lund Boulevard, Anoka, Minnesota. At 300,000 square feet (28,000 square meters), this new location is the largest  of its kind, dedicated solely to the manufacture of precision tooling for CNC punch presses.
2001 Mate expands its product line to include Mate Laser Technologies, including laser optics, nozzles and consumable accessories for  today’s laser systems.
2008 Mate opens Central Europe sales office.
2009 Mate earns Manufacturer of the Year Award.
2010 Mate opens China sales office in Shanghai.
Mate introduces state-of-the-art Ultra® IMT™ fully indexable multi tool for thick turret punch presses.
2013 Mate launches class-leading Premia™ Sharpening System for automated, precision sharpening of all popular punch press tooling styles.
2014 Mate adds European Style Press Break tooling and Wila Trumpf-style Press Brake tooling.
2015 Mate expands Press Brake Tooling offering to include Bevel Tang Style.