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  • Mild Steel Cutting with CO2 Lasers

      August 28, 2018

    Cutting mild steel with a laser is a balance of how much material is heated with the laser beam and how much assist gas flows through the cut. Rather than having a proper kerf, you could end up with either a narrow or wide kerf, which can affect part quality and appearance. Narrow Kerf Heating […]

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  • Reducing Oil Canning When Perforating

      July 24, 2018

    Oil canning or sheet rolling and deformations is very common when perforating. When a border is used around the perimeter of the part the challenges are compounded. As the sheet expands and tension is released the sheet starts to warp adding complicated secondary work and in extreme cases scrap as the sheet will pull out […]

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  • Common Height Tooling American Style

    Mate American Precision Style Common Height Press Brake Tools

      June 26, 2018

    Mate American Precision Style press brake tools are purposefully designed with safety and productivity in mind. The best performing machines use safety systems that work together with the tooling. These systems maximize material processing, which requires common punch and die heights. Having a common pass line for the workpiece helps keep productivity high and unwanted […]

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  • A Simple Focal Test

      May 23, 2018

    Focus quality and cutting speed are critically dependent on the correct placement of the focal point relative to the material. Automatic machine parameters, which are programmed into the new lasers, usually make these minor vertical adjustments. The focal point may be moved 10-50 thousandths of an inch to provide the best cutting conditions. Occasionally the […]

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  • Solid Models and Dimensioned Drawings

      April 18, 2018

    When I started designed sheet metal parts and the tooling to make, the best technology available to use was a good mechanical pencil and electric eraser. Time has moved us forward into the world where we now model parts instead of drawing parts. Sheet metal model of formed open end louvers. These model parts exist […]

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  • Choosing the Correct Punch Tip Radius for Air Bending

      March 21, 2018

    When we air bend sheet metal, the size of the die V-opening determines the inside radius of the bend. The metal forms to a natural radius based on the size of the die V-opening. The punch tip radius usually has little influence. Does this mean that one size punch tip radius will work well with […]

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  • CO2 and Fiber Lens Maintenance

      February 21, 2018

    Optics care is paramount to the performance of laser cutting. It is recommended by Mate, all OEMs and optic manufacturers to clean optics often. As the power of the laser increases, proper optics maintenance becomes more vital. Mate LENSMATE lens maintenance products are a necessary part of the cleaning process. Mate offers a variety of […]

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  • Protecting Your Investment in Punch Tooling

      January 24, 2018

    Have you ever looked at a home appliance and wondered how it was made? Chances are that many of the components were produced on a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) punch press. CNC uses computers to contorl large machine tools. CNC tools include lathes, mills, routers, grinders, lasers and, of course, punch presses. CNC punch press […]

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