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  • Mate Modular Die Holders — A Great Way to Upgrade Your Press Brake

      September 25, 2018

    Setting up a press brake is all about controlling variables. The more variables you have to control, the longer it takes to work out the inaccuracies during a setup. During years of normal use, a press brake bed/die holder may become worn, dented, and dinged to the point that part quality and setup times are […]

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  • Common Height Tooling American Style

    Mate American Precision Style Common Height Press Brake Tools

      June 26, 2018

    Mate American Precision Style press brake tools are purposefully designed with safety and productivity in mind. The best performing machines use safety systems that work together with the tooling. These systems maximize material processing, which requires common punch and die heights. Having a common pass line for the workpiece helps keep productivity high and unwanted […]

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  • Introducing American Precision Style Press Brake Tooling with Maglock™

      November 15, 2017

    Mate is excited to announce the expansion of its press brake tooling line with the introduction of American Precision Style press brake tooling featuring the all new, groundbreaking Maglock™ Magnetic Safety System. Introduced at Fabtech 2017 in Chicago, Mate American Precision Style press brake tooling is standard with an industry first from Mate: the patent-pending […]

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  • Got Die Marks? Mate Nylon Die Inserts Can Take Care of That

      May 17, 2017

    Many sheet metal part designers choose to use pre-finished sheet metal in an effort to eliminate post operations such as painting and polishing. One critical challenge to building parts with pre-finished material is bending the parts without causing die marks. The slightest marking from the die could cause a pre-finished part to be rejected. Over the […]

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  • SwingPunch™ Holders from Mate Precision Tooling

      February 22, 2017

    A faster way to change press brake punches The best way to reduce press brake setup time is to look for ways to make setting up easier. Mate’s Swing™ punch holders do just that; reduce time by making setups easier and faster. European style punch holders have a lot of benefits, but they don’t offer […]

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  • Mate Precision Tooling in 2017

      January 24, 2017

    In 2016 Mate celebrated the two year anniversary of the launch of our press brake tooling line. Our product line has grown since launch to include Wila Trumpf Style, European Precision Style, Bevel Tang Style, CleanBend, adaptors, extensions and other accessories. We created a dedicated press brake website and blog, and have been proud to […]

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  • Mate Press Brake Z Offset Tool Inserts Make Sense

      December 14, 2016

    Mate’s Z offset tool system delivers unsurpassed versatility that withstands the test of high tonnage offset forming without breaking the bank. Our Z offset tool insert system gives you more cost effective choices with replaceable inserts that are securely held with holders that fit virtually any style of brake including Trumpf-Wila (TWS), European precision (EPS), […]

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  • Mate Press Brake Pillar Dies Have Some Advantages Worth Looking At

      September 1, 2016

    When you have a part with features close to a bend, such as opposing bends, hardware, louvers, half-shears, or embosses, interference with the die can be a real problem. Mate’s pillar dies have maximum clearance front and back without jeopardizing the structural integrity of the tool giving your operators maximum flexibility in sequencing bends. It’s […]

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