Read what other customers have to say about Mate products and services.

What customers are saying about Mate Workholding:


“Mate workholding is a big improvement over what I was using. With the previous product you had to dove tail anything that involved roughing. The gripping feature on Mate’s workholding is great!  It works very well, even with parts that stick out a lot.”

Zolten Glasso, Z9 Machining


Damn you guys are the s***! I have the vise. Your stuff eats it all day and doesn’t even look used.”

John Robinette, United Machine


“I have run the same part on other vises however when I switched to MATE I could instantaneously hear and notice the difference.”

Daniel Strubel, Siemens Industry, Inc.


“Mate workholding did a phenomenal job. It worked in perfect harmony with the rest of the setup, providing a nice stable cut!

Ruvim Mosijchuk, Able MTS


“With other vises that we were using, a lot of additional time was necessary to square and dial in the vises to the machine. This wasn’t the case with Mate’s DynoGrip™ vises. The vises are so well built that the only measurable issues we had were from the machine itself. The component fit is also well built, and allowed us to attack material more aggressively because we didn’t have to worry as much about excessive harmonics.”

Mark Moeller, JBT Machining


“The quick change jaw with the anti-lift design is a key feature for us when we run small lot sizes. We are able to change over to a new job in seconds with confidence the jaws are located correctly every time.”

Brett Kuenkel, Command Tooling Systems


What customers are saying about Mate Fabrication Solutions:


Our productivity with the new Mate louver tool increased 68 percent without the hassle of finding use for the remnant metal material. The new Mate tool is amazing!”

Jericho Abad, Production Programmer, Red Dot Corporation


“We save at least 20 percent setup time using Mate QCT™ tooling. And by using Mate’s UltraTEC™ holders with QCT, our job set up time is often cut in half.”

Peter Schagen, Engineering Team Leader, Circa Metals


“We do four or five part setups a day in each press brake. When we tried Mate Wila Trumpf style press brake tooling, we saved a minimum of 20 minutes per setup. That’s just for positioning and clamping the tooling.”

Brian Heins, General Manager, Integrated Metal Products


“Great customer service. Quick deliveries. Quality products.”

Scott Priester, Process Improvement Manager, MetPlas, Inc.


“This is why I came to the show [Fabtech], to see Mate Tooling. I love your tools.”

Job Swift, Sheet Metal Worker


“Service and support is top notch.”

Jim Campbell, Vice President/GM, Prince Industries


“Dan [Friedel] is always ready to answer any questions I have and even If he can’t, he finds out and gets back to me ASAP.”

Marty Bever, Press Brake Trainer


“Quality parts (even custom tooling) delivered at good price, every time.”

Maninder Sinch, Project Engineer, Cancoil Thermal Corp.


“Love the magnetic tooling.”

Alysha MacDonald, Brake Operator, AC Dispensing


“Always great tooling, love to use it!”

James Hutton, Level 2 Production Associate, Prismier


“Maglock is cool!”

Ron Silverstein, Shop Manager, Control Sheet Metal


“The service is great. The tools are well made.”

Svendsen Enterprise Inc.