Mate HexLock™ Fastener Retention System

Mate HexLock™ is an innovative forming assembly engineered to provide a reliable and secure method of retaining common threaded fasteners in sheet metal.

Mate HexLock™ is an inverted spring loaded triple lance and form assembly. The geometry of the form securely retains hexagon headed fasteners prior to assembly. The robust tool construction includes: highly wear-resistance steel cutting edges for extended service life, positive upper and lower stripper mechanisms for reliable operation and fully interchangeable replacement parts for maximum convenience.Mate HexLock™ is fully compatible with DIN933 hexagon head bolts and DIN934 hexagon nuts in M5, M6 and M8 thread sizes. Benefits of Mate HexLock include:

  • Versatility – Mate HexLock™ accepts a hexagon nut or the head of a hexagon bolt. A nut allows items to be assembled with a bolt from the opposite side of the component. Fig 2 Alternatively the head of a bolt can be installed, with the thread protruding through the sheet metal. Fig 3
  • Reliability—Mate HexLock™ uses the CNC precision of the press to assure accurate and reliable fastener location.
  • Security – The fastener is securely gripped between the forms to prevent rotation. The head of the fastener is gripped more tightly as torque is applied to the fastener from the opposite side of the component.
  • Economy – Conventional hexagon fasteners are less expensive and more readily available than self-clinching fasteners or weld-nuts. They are easily installed without the need for costly secondary operations or special installation equipment.

Mate HexLock™ is available to suit metric or inch threads and many popular tool styles. Please contact our Customer Service Engineers to discuss your next application.

HL-1 HL-Nut Fig 2: Mate HexLock™ retains DIN934 nut for subsequent use with screw fastener through the material.
HL-NutBolt HL-BoltNut Fig 3: Mate HexLock™ retains DIN933 bolt which protrudes through the sheet metal for subsequent assembly.