Ultra® Multi Tools

Multi Tool Systems for High Performance Punch Presses

  • Ultra Multi Tool 3


Mate Ultra® Multi Tool assemblies for thick turret punch presses* make full use of the advantages of Mate UltraTEC® punches, strippers and Slug Free® dies. They provide complete compatibility with existing tooling inventory for added convenience. These assemblies are designed and engineered as an integral part of the high performance machines in which they operate.

Mate Ultra Multi Tools fit into 3-1/2” D-Index stations and are available in two versions for maximum flexibility.

The Mate Ultra Multi Tool 8 station assembly

  • Punch Point Range : 0.030(0.80) to 0.500(12.70)
  • Ultra TEC ½” A station punches, strippers, and Slug Free dies

The Mate Ultra Multi Tool 3 station assembly

  • Punch Point Range : 0.500(12.70) to 1.250(31.70)
  • UltraTEC 1-1/4” B station punches, strippers, and Slug Free dies

Product Features

  • Standard UltraTEC® Tooling

    Mate Ultra Multi Tools accept standard UltraTEC punches for exceptional life between regrinds, strippers with recess for additional 0.118(3.00) punch grind life, and Slug Free® dies to eliminate slug pulling and increase piece part quality.

  • Quick Tool Change

    The twist-lock design of the upper assembly allows tools to be changed in seconds, without the need for additional hand tools, and without the need for disassembly. Faster tool changes optimize machine productivity and efficiency.

  • Integral Punch Length Adjustment

    Each punch length can be independently adjusted to ensure the precise punch-to-stripper lead is maintained for optimum punching performance across a wide range of material thickness from 0.020(0.50) to 0.157(4.00).

  • Sheet Marking Protection

    Each tool within the punch holder is individually actuated by the lobed ram of the machine. The innovative design of the Mate Ultra multi tool holder allows the active tool to punch through the material, while the points of the inactive punches are prevented for moving. This eliminates sheet marking and improved piece part quality.

  • Ultra MT Faceplate

    Replaceable Face Plate

    The simple geometry of the face plate allows compatibility with the simple slide-in Ultra TEC strippers. The robust construction provides extended service life, while the simple design allows replacement to reduce ongoing maintenance costs.

  • Lubrication Delivery Systems

    Both versions of the Ultra multi tool assemblies are fully compatible with automatic tool lubrication systems found on many of today’s high performance punch presses. The lubrication is delivered by the machine via the punch ram, and is transported to all moving surfaces within the punch holder assembly. In addition, the external spiral grooves in the outside diameter of the holder, reduce friction between the machine and the holder, especially during high speed nibbling operations.

Ordering Information

Mate Ultra Multi Tool

Maximum Punch Diagonal0.500(12.70)1.250(31.70)
Upper AssemblyMATE00967MATE00969
Lower AssemblyMATE00968MATE00970
Lifter HandleMATE00971MATE00971

Round Tooling

UltraTEC® Stripper S6KA0AS6KB0A
Slug Free® DieD0AA00D0AB00

Shaped Tooling

UltraTEC® StripperS6KA_AS6KB_A
Slug Free® DieD0AA_0D0AB_0


Punch Driver**MATE00979MATE00988

** Complete set of punch drivers supplied with each upper assembly. Complete set of punch drivers supplied with each upper assembly. Complete set of punch drivers supplied with each upper assembly. Complete set of punch drivers supplied with each upper assembly. Complete set of punch drivers supplied with each upper assembly.