• Sheet Marker


Mate Sheetmarker™ is used to create markings or etchings on the surface of sheet metal. The Mate Sheetmarker™ tool is ideal for inscribing or marking components during the punch press portion of the manufacturing process.

Mate Sheetmarker™ is available in popular tool styles including: Ultraform for thick turret, thin turret, 112/114, and Trumpf.

How Does It Work?

The tool uses a spring loaded diamond pointed insert to scribe the surface of the sheet to create the marking. The marking is the result of programs created in the punch press programming system. This can include logos, part number, serial numbers, instructions etc.

Maximum Versatility:

Each Sheetmarker™ kit is supplied with two diamond pointed inserts (120 degree point and 150 degree point) and three springs (light pressure, medium pressure, heavy pressure). The combination of insert point angle and spring pressure allows a wide variety of results to be achieved for maximum versitility. See table.

Brass Inserts

Mate Sheetmarker™ tools can also be used to cut the protective film found on many materials including aluminum and stainless steel. This is useful to expose localized areas of the sheet metal, without damage to the underlying material, while leaving the remainder of the sheet fully protected. This innovative application is achieved by replacing the diamond insert with a brass insert.

The localized removal of protective film is useful for many applications including:

  • Exposing areas which require secondary welding, spot welding or bonding operations.
  • Exposing areas to be laser cut.
  • Allowing fasteners to be fitted without interference.
  • Providing ideal sheet metal conditions for subsequent V-line stamp or Sheetmarker operations.

The brass insert is machined to a point which is sharp enough to cut the plastic film but will not damage the sheet metal beneath it. The combined reliability of the punch press and the precision of the Sheetmarker™ assure the consistent production of high quality piece parts.

Mate Sheetmarker™ is suitable for machines with control mechanisms that allow the sheet to be moved in both the X-axis and Y-axis, while the ram is held down.

Mate Sheetmarker™ is another innovative product designed to expand the punch press user’s capabilities. Incorporating more elements into sheet metal components at the punch press, allows the fabricator to deliver greater added value, and become more competitive in today’s global marketplace.

Desired ResultMaterial to be CutDiamond Insert Spring ColorSheet Movement Speed
Light etchingMild Steel120 °Zinc (light ) 750(19000)
Bold etchingMild Steel120 °Zinc (light ) 750(19000)
Light grooveMild Steel120 °Green (medium )500(12700)
Bold grooveMild Steel120 ° Red (heavy ) 500(12700)
Light etchingStainless Steel120 ° Zinc (light ) 750(19000)
Bold etchingStainless Steel120 ° Zinc (light ) 750(19000)
Light grooveStainless Steel120 °Green (medium )500(12700)
Bold grooveStainless Steel120 °Red (heavy ) 250(6350)
Light etchingGalvanized Steel150 °Zinc (light )750(19000)
Medium etchingGalvanized Steel150 °Zinc (light )750(19000)
Medium etchingAluminum150 °Zinc (light )750(19000)
Bold etchingAluminum150 °Zinc (light )750(19000)
Bold etchingAluminum150 °Green (medium )750(19000)