Eliminator™ Punch Tip Lubrication Pads


Mate Eliminator™ (patents pending) punch tip lubrication pads assist in keeping the punch tip lubricated during the punching process. Studies have shown that properly lubricated punch tips help extend tool life and keep the punch from overheating. In many situations, lubrication helps eliminate unwanted galling during the punching process.

Mate Eliminator™ lubrication pads are easy to install, especially on Mate UltraTEC® A and B stations. Simply use the punch and stripper to “punch” the hole into the foam. Saturate the pad with 46-68 ISO viscosity hydraulic oil and you’re ready for gall-free punching.

Mate Eliminator™ Lubrication Pads

    • Made from polyether filter foam
    • Available for thick turret A through E stations, but will also work in other tooling styles (see chart below)
    • Compatible with all thick turret punch presses
    • Made in U.S.A.
  • Trumpf Style: Eliminator pads will work with Size 0, 1, 2 and 3, QuickLock™ and NEXT™ but are based on the size of the punch point. Eliminator pads will not work with Trumpf Style multi tools. See chart below for the maximum recommended diagonal per pad size
  • Will not work in 112/114 Style Murata Wiedemann or Nova tooling due to clearance and accessibility


Available Tooling Styles and Station Sizes

Part NumberPad SizeThick TurretMarathonThin TurretMTG Multi ToolsXMT Multi Tools
MATE020280.750"(19,,50)A StationN/A1/2" % 5/8" Station8 Station12,7 mm
MATE020291.375"(34,93)B StationB Station1.25" Station3 Station24,0 mm
MATE020302.205"(56,00)C StationC & D Station2" Station
MATE020313,740"(94,08)D StationE & F Station3 1/2" Station
MATE020324.528"(15,01)E StationG & H Station