114 Style – Economy

  • 112 and 114 Wiedemann


114 Tooling Systems for Murata Wiedemann Punch Presses

Mate’s 114 Tooling System is the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s standard serving Murata Wiedemann machines worldwide. Mate’s craftsmanship in this traditional tooling style enables your punch press to perform with superior accuracy and speed, regardless of its age. Precise adherence to OEM specifications fits tooling into your machine bores correctly. You get the best possible concentricity and alignment. This results in the utmost piece-part quality and tool life your punch press can offer. It is no wonder that Murata Wiedemann chooses Mate as its OEM supplier.


Fully OEM compatible. High Wear Strength, chrome air hardened tool steel to provide the optimum balance between hardness and toughness. 1/4 degree back taper and near polished flanks to reduce friction and eliminate galling.

Slug Free® Dies:

High Wear Strength, chrome air hardened tool steel – Optimum balance between hardness and toughness. Slug Free® die geometry eliminates slug pulling. Uniform clearance radii in die corners for improved product quality 3.00mm grind life. Improved die strength. Stress Free™ relief, distributes forces and reduces stresses. Superior roundness and flatness.

Urethane Strippers:

Quiet to cushion impact and dampen noise. Safe – does not break or shatter. Non-marring – even on polished aluminium. Improved punching performance – Sheets remain flat without “bowing” or “puckering”

Also Available from Mate:

Comprehensive range of punch holders, die holders and work holders.

Station114 Style Maximum Punch Diameter/DiagonalComments
A0.500(12.70)Rounds Only