Mate EasyMark™ 5-in-1 TOOL

EasyMark’s capabilities lets you increase your turret’s potential, streamline processes and cut costs all with one very affordable tool.

Fast and reliable component identification is critically important in today’s manufacturing environment. Manufacturing processes frequently take place in multiple locations. Components need to be marked before they move on to the next step so they can be easily identified.

Traditional marking removes material or can damage the piece part. Determined to find a better component marking solution, Mate Precision Technologies and PrimaPower embarked on a development project that resulted in the InkMarker™ part marking tool for thick turret presses. Highly efficient and economical, InkMarker™ uses a special marker and the machine’s sheet positioning technology to mark the piece part. The special marker does not dry out for two weeks or more. With InkMarker, the part is not harmed and the mark does not rub off unless required.

Mate saw additional possibilities with InkMarker and expanded its potential with theEasyMark™ 5-in-1 tool that provides users with four additional capabilities for the same A-Station guide and canister. EasyMark’s five solutions include:

  1. InkMarker™:Write on sheet metal using a special marker that does not dry out for two weeks or more.
  2. Sheetmarker™:Create or etch sheet metal surfaces using one of two (120 or 150 degree) diamond inserts
  3. Film/Tape Cutter:Cut protective film with a brass insert to expose localized areas without damaging the underlying material
  4. Centerpoint Down:Uses a carbide insert in conjunction with machine depth control
  5. High-Speed Dot-Matrix Marking:Perform dot matrix marking using a carbide insert

The EasyMark™ 5-in-1 comes in a kit housed in a special protective case. EasyMark™ comes complete with the special thick turret A-Station guide and canister, marker pen, 2 diamond and 1 brass inserts, 3 types of springs for the diamond or brass inserts, roller ball and blank dies, and all tools necessary to assemble the EasyMark™ into any of its configurations.