Workholding Overview

CNC Workholding Solutions That Work As Hard As You Do


Mate understands your CNC workholding challenges and we guarantee your satisfaction. We have decades of machining experience producing precision, high quality tool steel products for customers around the world. Using this knowledge, Mate designed and developed the ultimate zero point workholding system, which includes workholding bases, vises, and mounts.

The Mate 52/96 workholding system maximizes holding power in a compact, quick-change modular design that reduces setup time and process variability. It’s ideal for 3-, 4- and 5-axis machining centers.

Going beyond machining, the zero point workholding can be used in a variety of applications such as inspection, CMM, cleaning, washing, assembly and additive manufacturing.

A zero-point system, Mate 52/96 workholding is compatible with similar systems, including 52mm and 96mm four post pull stud configurations from Lang, Jergens, 5th Axis, Gerardi and others. The workholding vises also accept a single pull stud configuration for compatibility with Schunk, Big Kaiser and others. By using the appropriate adapter, the vises are easily modified to work with systems from SMW, Erowa, System 3R and others.

With an eye to factory automation, the Mate 52/96 CNC workholding solutions include QuickSpecs™ Mate’s unique product identification system. QuickSpecs allows real-time access to critical user data, CAD models and potential integration into your business systems. Additionally, the product supports common robotic interfaces and palletizing systems.

What Our Partners Are Saying About Mate Workholding

Here’s some feedback from our partners who are using Mate Workholding in their operations. They like what they see:

  • “We needed to find a solution that would allow us to run all products in our product family on the same platform to maintain a consistent and repeatable machining process. I visited Mate and shared my concept with their Engineering team, who developed a feasible solution with partnered collaboration. It was a pleasure to work collaboratively with the Mate team. From concept to final product, the Mate team was focused on providing a robust solution and customer satisfaction. Mate went above and beyond to meet a tight delivery schedule so we could meet launch targets for the new machines.” – Daniel Sloat, Resolve Medical Technologies
  • “In our 5-axis world, we were struggling with second operation workholding when we learned about Mate. You can feel the robustness in Mate’s vises the first time you clamp a part. Mate’s anti-lift jaw design really stood out against competitors, so we don’t worry about jaw lift anymore. The flexibility of their quick-change jaws also makes changeover a breeze. Mate’s vises solved all our workholding problems, instantly becoming our go-to workholding in the shop.” – Jim Walser, Fastenal Manufacturing
  • “Mate workholding is a big improvement over what I was using. With the previous product, you had to dovetail anything that involved roughing. The gripping feature on Mate’s workholding is great! It works very well, even with parts that stick out a lot.” – Zolten Glasso, Z9 Machining
  • “I really like that Mate workholding is made completely from tool steel because it makes it very durable. The design of the jaw interface with the body is great at eliminating jaw lift. The quick change base design was well thought out, even down to the spring detent releases. And adopting the standard 52/96 mounting pattern makes it easy for me to use other vises if necessary. On top of all of this, Mate workholding is made in the USA.” – Perry Kuehn, K Tooling
  • Damn, you guys are the s***! I have the vise. Your stuff eats it all day and doesn’t even look used.” – John Robinette, United Machine
  • “I have run the same part on other vises; however, when I switched to MATE, I could instantaneously hear and notice the difference.” – Daniel Strubel, Siemens Industry, Inc.
  • “Mate workholding did a phenomenal job. It worked in perfect harmony with the rest of the setup, providing a nice stable cut!” – Ruvim Mosijchuk, Able MTS
  • “With other vises that we were using, a lot of additional time was necessary to square and dial in the vises to the machine. This wasn’t the case with Mate’s DynoGrip™ vises. The vises are so well built that the only measurable issues we had were from the machine itself. The component fit is also well built, and allowed us to attack material more aggressively because we didn’t have to worry as much about excessive harmonics.” – Mark Moeller, JBT Machining
  • “The quick change jaw with the anti-lift design is a key feature for us when we run small lot sizes. We are able to change over to a new job in seconds with confidence the jaws are located correctly every time.” – Brett Kuenkel, Command Tooling Systems

Mate Workholding: Made in the USA. Made for people who respect well-made, quality products. Made for machinists by machinists.