Mate Workholding

For Machinists by Machinists

Machinists are a special breed – expert metalheads who turn raw metal into something beautiful and useful. They’re called upon to perform miracles on a daily basis. Their ability to meet extreme quality specs and deadlines is often under appreciated. Sound familiar?

Like you, the metalheads at Mate Precision Technologies are also miracle makers. When our machinists and engineers couldn’t find the right workholding system for their needs, they built their own — something better, stronger, and bolder than what’s currently on the market. They built a new line of Mate workholding vises, bases, and mounts with features that can’t be beat:

  • Maximized holding power in a compact, modular design
  • Reduced setup time and process variability
  • Best-in-class accuracy and repeatability

Our line of vises, bases, and mounting systems is designed for quick change machining setups and multi-station or machine tool setups.

Mate DynoGrip™ Self-Centering Vises

Self-Centering Vises

Maximum holding power in a compact system with minimal part movement. Zero-point quality engagement with a four-post pull stud pattern. Available in 13 Size Variations

Mate DynoLock™ Quick Change Bases

Zero-point quality engagement with four post pull stud pattern. Best in class center accuracy and repeatability. Available in 11 Size Variations

Mate DynoMount™ System

DynoMount System

Precise mounting of DynoLock bases and use with DynoGrip self-centering vises. Zero-point quality engagement with four pull stud patterns. Tombstones, Pyramids, Risers, Dual Right Angles.


What Other Metalheads Are Saying

With other vises that we were using, a lot of additional time was necessary to square and dial in the vises to the machine. This wasn’t the case with Mate’s DynoGrip™ vises. The vises are so well built, the only measurable issues we had came from the machine itself.

Mark Moeller, JBT Machining

The quick-change jaw with the anti-lift design is a key feature for us when we run small lot sizes. We are able to change over to a new job in seconds with confidence the jaws are located correctly every time.

Brett Kuenkel, Command Tooling Systems

Machining Miracles Just Got Easier

This new line of vises, bases and mounting systems is designed, developed and manufactured in our Anoka, Minnesota, facility. Download our catalog and start machining more miracles.

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