In Stock Special Applications


Mate stocks a large inventory of Thick Turret and Trumpf Style Special Applications available for immediate delivery! Mate special assemblies from stock enable you to produce your parts sooner, more efficiently, and more profitably. Order yours today!

Thick Turret Tooling

Ultraform® Forming Tool holders feature an integral length adjustment mechanism to allow precise form height adjustment, reduce set-up time, and maximize productivity. All Mate special assemblies from stock include the Ultraform® holder.

Trumpf Style Tooling

Mate offers the most comprehensive range of tooling systems designed to accommodate any punching application in your Trumpf style punch press. The Mate Trumpf Style Tooling System is designed to enable fabricators to produce high quality piece parts, with economy.

Thick Turret Special Assemblies

Thick Turret Special Assemblies Available from Stock!
   Dimensions in inches(millimeters).

Ground Symbol Stamp

Station SizeMaterial ThicknessStock Part Number
Ultraform B Height 0.312(7.92)0.250(6.35) MaxXAVBD0J299-0001
Ultraform BWith diameter 0.500(12.70) circle0.250(6.35) MaxXAVBD0J299-0002

Alpha-Numeric Stamping Tools

StationConfigurationMaterial ThicknessStock Part Number
Ultraform CDouble Row0.250(6.35) MaxXAVCD0JE99-0001
Ultraform DDouble Row0.250(6.35) MaxXAVDD0JE99-0001
Ultraform BSingle Row0.250(6.35) MaxXAVBD0JD99-0001
Ultraform CSingle Row0.250(6.35) MaxXAVCD0JD99-0001
Ultraform DSingle Row0.250(6.35) MaxXAVDD0JD99-0001


StationConfigurationMaterial ThicknessStock Part Number
Ultraform BDown0.250(6.35) MaxXAVBD0P299-0001

Planishing Tool

StationDiameterMaterial ThicknessStock Part Number
Ultraform B1.536(39.01)0.250(6.35) MaxXAVBD0V199-0001
Ultraform C2.326(59.08)0.250(6.35) MaxXAVCD0V199-0001
Ultraform D 3.950(100.33) 0.250(6.35) MaxXAVDD0V199-0001

Custom Applications

StationApplicationMaterial ThicknessStock Part Number
Ultraform BMate Sheetmarker ® XAVBD0SM99
Ultraform BMate Rollerball ®XAVBD0RB99

Trumpf Style Special Assemblies

Trumpf Style Special Assemblies Available from Stock!
   Dimensions in inches(millimeters).


StationConfiguration Material ThicknessStock Part Number
Size 1Down0.250(6.35) MaxXTT1D0P200-0001

Custom Applications

Station ApplicationMaterial ThicknessStock Part Number
Size 2Mate Rollerball®XTT2D0RB00
Size 2Mate SheetMarker®XTT2D0SM00