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Mate is your single source for CO2 laser consumables, including lenses for a wide array of CO2 laser cutting machines, including Amada, Bystronic, Mazak, Mitsubishi, Trumpf and more. Premium quality, low absorption Mate Peak™ and economical Mate Performax™ lenses available. Consistent quality. Competitive pricing. Backed by Mate’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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MATE PEAK™….the low absorption, high performance laser lens for demanding applications or high power cutting.

MATE PEAK™ Lens offers the latest technology for CO2 laser cutting:

  • Low absorption for maximum cutting power.
  • Improved cut quality and consistency.
  • Helium Neon (HeNe) laser beam compatible for safer laser operation.
  • Proprietary clear coating offers superior lens stability and allows for lens inspection and stress analysis.


Absorption is a key determinant of CO2 laser lens life. Conventional coatings absorb significant thermal energy in normal laser operation. Over time, the accumulation of processing residue further increases lens absorption.

Due to the extreme energy of a laser beam passing through the lens, even very small changes in absorption will result in thermal effects in the lens-such as a shift in the size or location of the focal point-and subsequent deterioration of the cut or kerf quality.

Due to its low absorption levels, the Mate Peak™ Lens offers:

  • Higher power handling capacity-to 6000+ watts.
  • Better cut quality performance.
  • Longer optimal performance (with regular cleaning and maintenance).



Compared with standard lenses, Mate Peak™ low absorption coating results in more stable operation due to reduced thermal effects and less focal plain variation. The bottom line? Better cut quality and more consistent parts production.


CO2 Laser Grade Zn Se, Bulk Absorption<.0005cm-1 @ 10.6 um
Effective Focal Length (EFL) Tolerance +/- 2%
Dimensional Tolerances Diameter+0.000(0.00) - 0.005(0.13)
Dimensional TolerancesThickness +/- 0.010(0.25)
Edge Thickness Variation (ETV)0.002(0.05)
Clear Aperture 90% of Diameter
Surface Qauality - Scratch/Dig20 / 10
A/R Coating Reflectivity per side at 10.6 um. <0.15%
Power Capacity 6000 watts
  • Performax




MATE PERFORMAX™….the production lens for consistent CO2 laser performance.

MATE PERFORMAX™ Lens raises the standard for C02 laser cutting:

  • Lower absorption for maximum cut quality and extended lens life: Mate Performax™ lenses are rated at A < .20%, among the lowest absorption rated standard lenses on the market.
  • Superior polishing for a smoother, easier to clean surface: Mate Performax lenses are polished to a 20/10 scratch/dig specification. Smoother lenses resist spatter and stay clean longer.


Highest quality Zinc Selenide is precision ground to exacting “best form” lens geometry, then polished for an exceptionally smooth lens surface. A/R coated, world-class specifications before inspection and final shipment.

Mate Performax™ lenses are built for consistentcy:

  • Highest quality domestic lens substrate.
  • Manufactured to exact tolerances.
  • State-of-the-art lens coating expertise.
CO2 Laser Grade Zn Se, Bulk Absorption<.0005cm-1 @ 10.6 um
Surface Quality - Scratch/Dig20/10
Effective Focal Length (EFL) Tolerance +/- 2%
Dimensional TolerancesDiameter +0.00mm /- .13mm
Dimensional TolerancesThickness+/- 0.25mm
Edge Thickness Variation (ETV) 0.05mm
Clear Aperture90% of Diameter
A/R Coating Reflectivity per side at 10.6 um. <.20%
Power Capacity 4kw, recommended usage to 3500 watts
Black Magic



Low absorption lenses for high power CO2 lasers

  • Guaranteed absorption for <0.15% – constant throughout the lens lifetime
    • Maximum focus stability
  • Toughest coating in the industry. Remarkable durability
    • Best ability to withstand back spatter
    • Easier to clean and maintain
    • Resistant to humidity
  • Recommended and approved by leading OEMs
    • Used for all high powered CO2 lasers including those over 5KW
  • Radioactive free coating
  • Excels in cutting aluminum and stainless steel
  • Best cost-benefit ratio