LENSMATE™ Inspection System


Mate LENSMATE™…the easy way to ensure optimum laser cutting performance in less than 30 seconds!

  • Visual inspection of laser lenses in less than 30 seconds in normal room light, without fixtures or power source.
  • Maximize machine productivity by identifying underperforming and stressed lenses before failure.


The Mate LENSMATE™ lens inspection system allows a visual inspection of the lens to be performed in 30 seconds or less every time a lens is cleaned or changed. The test is easily performed in normal room light and requires no fixtures or power source.

Under normal usage, any CO2 laser lens can undergo excessive thermal and/or mechanical stresses from a variety of sources. Incorrect mounting, residue and dirt accumulation, or poor beam dynamics may result in lens stress.

A stressed lens will not perform at peak levels, which reduces productivity. Severe stress may result in lens failure, machine downtime and repair costs. Use the Mate LENSMATE™ to ensure optimum cutting performance.

Mate Lensmate is simple to use and includes complete instructions. The Mate Lensmate comprises two polarized filters which are held either side of the lens to be inspected. Viewing the lens through the filters will show if the lens is stressed and in need of replacement.


  • Hold the lower filter between thumb and forefinger—Figure 1.
  • Carefully place the lens on the lower filter.
  • Holding the upper filter over the lens with the handle—Figure 2.
  • View the lens through both filters—See Figures 3a and 3b.

Lens Inspect Procedure