Versadie™ Thick Turret Insert Slitting Die

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  • Versadie Thick Turret Insert Slitting Die


Clamp clearing dies are necessary when maximum sheet usage is required. The ability to punch as close to the clamps reduces both material cost and waste.

Mate Versadie™ takes clamp clearing solutions to a new level with several unique design features. First, there is no need to replace the entire die, with replaceable die inserts. Versadie™ inserts are designed to allow for the greatest lengths currently available in the industry, accommodating lengths up to 3.560”(90,42mm) for D Stations and 4.560”(115,82mm) for E Stations. With its tighter tolerances of the insert to the holder, Versadie has superior overall quality.

When slitting thicker materials that require more than 0.016”(0,406mm) total die clearance, Versadie HD™ improves slitting performance by incorporating more rigidity. Versadie HD uses the same replaceable inserts as Versadie so there’s no need for additional inventory. Maximum lengths for Versadie HD are up to 3.209″(81,51mm) for D Stations and up to 4.213″(107,01mm) for E Stations.

For superior performance and longevity, Versadie’s slitting die insert is made from MPM82 tool steel. Designed for use in high performance tooling systems, MPM82 is a high speed, particle metallurgy steel intended to provide high value and exceptional versatility making it perfect for slitting operations.

MPM82 tool steel offers:

  • Stronger dies that can withstand the most demanding punching operations
  • Sharper edges on the die opening
  • Increased machine uptime
  • Reduced overall tooling costs
  • Lower overall production costs

For maximum longevity, the die body allows shimming after the insert is sharpened during routine maintenance. There’s no need for special shims either; simply use standard thick turret die shims.

Die Insert

  • Premium MPM82 tool steel for superior performance and longevity
  • Metric and inch sizes
  • D Station from up to 3.560” (90,42mm)
  • D Station for HD from up to 3.209(81,51mm)
  • E Station from up to 4.560” (115,82mm)
  • E Station for HD from up to 4.213(107,01mm)
  • Widths up to .509” (12,93mm)
  • Mate SlugFree® design

Die Body

  • S7 Shock-Resisting Tool Steel


  • D Station, package of 3 each: 0.016(0.40); 0.032(0.80); 0.048(1.20)
  • E Station, package of 3 each: 0.016(0.40); 0.032(0.80); 0.048(1.20)

Available Shapes

  • Standard
  • Rectangle
  • Oval
  • Double D
  • Special
  • Rect/oval
  • Double Rectangle
  • Rectangle with Tabs
  • Trapezoid
  • Cable Opening
  • Cable Opening with Tabs
  • Breakaway
  • Cham Corners
  • Rad Corners
  • Spec Rectangles
  • Bandaid
  • Parallelogram