Replacement Amada Parts

Replacement Parts for Amada Punching Machines:

Mate has a comprehensive range of replacement parts and accessories for Amada punching machines. This expanded product range provides yet another demonstration of Mate’s commitment to being a single source supplier of fabrication solutions to owners of Amada punch presses.

Amada Replacement Parts are available for sale in the US & Canada.

The 24-page catalog includes:

Turret parts, including:

  • Turret keys
  • lifters
  • Die holders for thick turret machines.

Pneumatic work holder clamps

  • New style clamp for most modern machines.
  • Pega original style clamp.
  • Lyra/Coma/Vela clamp for thin material up to 0.250(6.35mm).
  • Vela/Coma clamp for thick material up to 0.500(12.70mm).

Hydraulic work holder clamps

  • New style clamp for most modern machines
  • Original style clamp.

Specialty work holder clamps

  • Coma Clamp for thicker material
  • Stubby Clamp for oversized sheets
  • Laser Clamps to suit Apellio and Pulsar laser machines.

Mate is partnering with API (Alternative Parts Inc) to supply products with full OEM compatibility, quick delivery, and competitive prices.

For more information about API, please contact 888-882-6001(Toll Free), Fax (631) 345-9580 or visit them on the web at