DynoGrip™ Self-Centering Vises


Not just any CNC workholding vise, Mate DynoGrip self-centering vises are engineered to shorten setup time and reduce process variability. A closer look shows just how much thought went into designing and building the ultimate self-centering vise.

Product Highlights

  • • Maximum holding power in a compact form with minimal part lift and excellent repeatability
    • Quick change jaws
    • Zero-point quality engagement with 52mm and 96mm four post pull stud pattern
    • Compatible with other mounting systems or mount directly to the machine bed
    • Available in 13 size variations

52 Family

96 Family


DynoGrip Workholding Vise Features

  1. Anti-Lift Design – the pusher and jaw exert a downward force on the piece part
  2. Interchangeable and reversible steel jaws, quick change, tilt snap on/off, no tools required
  3. Three-In-One multi-grip jaw design for maximum flexibility-parallel, 45° dovetail, and precision serrated tooth standard with every jaw
  4. Serrated tooth geometry for a superior bite and downward force, with a built-in dovetail design for the most demanding applications
  5. Designed to accept an optional center jaw to hold two piece parts at one time
  6. Optional machinable jaw adapter with integrated quick change feature and steel or aluminum jaw blanks (not shown)
  7. Best-in-class precision lead screw manufactured from premium tool steel and NC-controlled heat treatment, tempering and proprietary TiCN coating
  8. Synchronized timed threads on both the lead screw and pushers – repeatable precision centering, interchangeable replacement components
  9. Lead screw and center support assembly are easily micro-adjustable, fine calibration
  10. Angled channels and side ports for better swarf and coolant flow
  11. Pull studs are highly wear-resistant with optimized geometry to ensure better location repeatability and lockdown force when used with DynoLock bases
  12. Toe Clamp engagement option for direct mount to the machine table
  13. Mate’s QuickSpecs™ 2D bar code tag that is smartphone-enabled and 3D graphic supported, with links to full product specs and CAD files
  14. Compatible with competitor bases. Requires applicable pull studs and hardware
  15. Compatible with Schunk Vero-S and other ZPS connection systems. Requires applicable pull studs and hardware
  16. Black Diamond™ surface treatment on vise body, pushers and jaws for maximum life
  17. Jaws are end-stop ready
  18. DynoGrip is patented under United States patent number 11,759,914.
  19. Made in USA.