AMX™ Thick Turret ABS Tooling


Mate’s AMX™ Thick Turret ABS Tooling offers the superior replacement alternative fabricators have been waiting for! AMX Tooling provides 100% worry free compatibility with AMADA® ABS assemblies and holders. PLUS, you have the flexibility of using AMX punches with Mate’s ULTRA TEC® Tooling System. Mate incorporated advanced metallurgy and lubrication delivery systems to prevent galling, slivering, and slug pulling.

AMX™ Punches

  • 100% worry free compatibility with Amada assemblies
  • Holder compatible with Mate ULTRA TEC® and ULTRA TEC® Fully Guided systems
  • M2 High Speed Steel – OEM equivalent. Superior to other after-market replacements, M2 lasts longer between regrinds
  • Precision gun drilled ABS channels on A and B-station punches
  • Standard external spiral lubrication grooves on A & B-station punches ensures uniform fluid flow for friction free punch-to-guide operation
  • 1/4 degree total back taper reduces galling
  • Hardened pin for precise orientation of punches for improved piece part quality
  • Maxima™ coating and Nitride treatment available for special application needs

AMX™ A and B-station Stripper Guides

  • Available for A and B-station punches
  • Stripper opening incorporates blips for ABS compatibility
  • Fully hardened and ground for maximum precision and long life
  • Two styles:
    • Rounds, with internal keyway
    • Shapes, with multiple precision keyways
  • Stripper relieved to allow 0.118(3,00) extra grind life
  • Rounded edges to minimize sheet marking

AMX™ C, D, and E Strippers

  • Fully compatible with AMADA ABS systems
  • Relieved to allow 0.078(2,00) extra grind life
  • Rounded edges to minimize sheet marking
  • Blips around stripper opening for ABS functionality