Ultraform XT™

  • Old Design

  • New Design


Ultraform XT™ is Mate’s answer for those situations where you want flexibility but don’t frequently adjust tool length. Length adjustment is simple and quick; just loosen (do not remove) the three socket head cap screws and rotate the punch head and adjusting sleeve together to the desired length. Once desired length has been achieved, tighten the socket head cap screws to recommended seating torque. Its grooved guides enhance lubrication and multiple angle settings provide maximum flexibility. By using Mate’s Ultraform insert system, Ultraform XT™ lets you change forms quickly and economically. If you already have Ultraform or Ultraform FX holders, the inserts are completely interchangeable, further helping you control your tooling costs.

NOTE: Mate introduced an easier-to-use, more robust upper insert design for ULTRAFORM®, ULTRAFORM FX™ and ULTRAFORM XT™ holders for simple form types that do not need tight angularity control. This new design requires the upper insert to be retained with a draw-bolt from the top of the holder. The new design is compatible with all ULTRAFORM holders, and all ULTRAFORM FX and ULTRAFORM XT holders manufactured after December 1, 2014. Please refer to the chart below to ensure your existing holders are compatible with the new design inserts.

Ultraform XT™ - Old Design Ultraform XT™ - New Design
Note no central through hole. Only compatable with the four-bolt inserts. Note central through hole. Fully compatible with BOTH the four-bolt and draw-bolt design inserts.