RapidSet™ Adds $41,600 in One Swift Move

Mate’s latest case study features another great example of how our highly experienced Sales Engineers can help spot opportunities for improvement. In this instance, Mate Sales Engineer Russ Myers was visiting his customer, a manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment used in grocery stores and similar locations. Russ noticed that they were spending an inordinate amount of time on tool set up. The customer used Mate’s Original Style thick turret tooling, our economy line that uses a spring pack that required 10 minutes of shop labor for tool maintenance or even a simple punch adjustment. Russ recommended Mate’s RapidSet canisters, a cost-effective solution that was designed specifically for this tooling style. It’s much easier to use and set up, so much so that it cut the maintenance requirement by 50%.

Another benefit to switching to RapidSet canisters is that it provides a 67% improvement in grind life. So, not only is RapidSet easier to use and maintain, it also increases the life of the tooling.

The total benefit to the company by changing to RapidSet canisters was $41,600.

To learn more, read and download the case study.


Blog Author

John Galich

John Galich is Marketing Manager at Mate Precision Technologies.