Quick, Clean Parts Separation

For quick, clean parts separation, micro-joints (or “shake and break”) are a traditional method fabricators use to separate multiple parts from a sheet of material. The traditional micro-joint method places small, interconnecting tabs between parts by programming the spacing of the slitting punch. The tabs keep the sheet and parts intact during punching, but make it easy to separate them off the press. Yet, there are times when a micro-joint is not possible, such as nesting very small parts, parts that are too big to be blanked or on corners. Some fabricators choose to use a wire joint, which works, but leave sharp spurs on the edge that could interfere with downstream operations.

Mate’s Square EasySnap™ tool solves these issues by leaving a smooth edge after first providing quick, clean parts separation. It also makes parts removal fast and simple because Square EasySnap creates a snap line on both sides of the sheet metal. The parts can be removed from the sheet by simply bending along the snap line with a burr-free edge. Square EasySnap is great for many operations, such as:

  • It’s great for nesting small parts in a large sheet
  • Sheets where the parts are too big to be blanked to make sure they don’t fall away during the punching process
  • Rounded part corners where a corner micro-joint is not possible
  • Placing the form away from the corner so there are only 2 sides of the tabs holding the sheet, making it easier to break along one line
  • Scribing a line to shear parts down after they go through the press brake eliminating the need for back up material on the flange

The material restrictions for Square EasySnap range from a minimum material thickness of .024″(0.61mm) up to a maximum materials thickness of .060″(1.52mm). Square EasySnap is available in a wide range of tooling styles including Thick Turret, Trumpf Style, Murata Wiedemann, Salvagnini and Thin Turret.

For more information, contact a Mate Application Specialist and be sure to download the Solution Bulletin today.

Blog Author

John Galich

John Galich is Marketing Manager at Mate Precision Technologies.