RapidSet™ Adds $41,600 in One Swift Move

Reduced Set Up, Increased Grind Life from RapidSet™ Canisters

All fabricators want to minimize maintenance and extend the life of their tooling. Mate’s experienced sales engineers can readily spot issues that impact such performance during customer visits. So, when Mate Sales Engineer Russ Myers visited his customer, a manufacturer of commercial refrigeration systems, he immediately saw that they were spending an inordinate amount of time on tool set up. This prompted Russ to discuss a cost-effective solution that would speed up their set up time and improve the grind life of their punches.


Rapidset_A+B_v2The customer used Mate’s Original Style thick turret tooling, our economy line that uses a spring pack comprised of a punch head, spring, spring retainer and O-ring. This system required 10 minutes of shop labor every time they needed to adjust the punch length or maintain the tool. Russ recommended Mate’s RapidSet™ canister, which was designed especially for this tooling style as a way to increase machine uptime.

With several features that improve upon the Original Style spring pack, RapidSet is much easier to use and set up. RapidSet employs a clamping head that prevents punch rotation, and uses only one Allen screw to adjust the punch length. The self-contained spring pack is pre-loaded for consistent stripping pressure that reduces slug pulling. The punch length can be adjusted quickly without removal from the guide.

Increased grind life is another RapidSet benefit. Mate Original Style grind life is 0.189” (4.82mm). RapidSet provides 0.315” (8.00mm) grind life in 0.039” (1.00mm) material, a 67% improvement. So, not only is RapidSet easier to use and maintain, it also increases the life of the tooling.

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The company benefited from the extra capacity generated by the increased green light time. The Original Style spring pack took 10 minutes each for maintenance. RapidSet reduced the maintenance requirement by 50% to 5 minutes each.

  • 5 minutes/tool x 20 tools = $35,870

RapidSet also provides a 67% improvement in grind life, which reduces annual purchases:

  • The company typically purchased 80 A and B round and shaped punches per year. The 67% improvement in grind life reduced the annual purchases to 28 A and B round and shaped punches per year for a net annual savings of $5,737

Total Benefit by Changing to RapidSet Canisters: $41,607