Maximize Production with a Multi-Tool

A leading manufacturer of truck and SUV accessories wanted to maximize production to include part nesting. They used a laser to produce parts featuring its complex company and product logos. The company wanted to produce a higher yield within an explicit run time, but its laser wasn’t up to the task. So, the company decided to look at punch presses and engaged Mate Fabrication Specialist John George for assistance.

Ultra UMT™ Multi-Tool with Punch Genius

After reviewing the customer’s needs, John thought that the complexity of the logo required a turret with a large station/bore capacity. Prima Power believed its Punch Genius was the right machine for the job, so John worked with the customer and Prima to review the details. John concurred that the Prima could handle the complex project much more efficiently than a different press to maximize production. Still, there was the need for extra capacity; the shapes used to create their logo consumed 14 stations alone. To increase turret capacity, John recommended Mate’s Ultra UMT™ multi-tool, which also has the benefit of fewer tool changes. Fewer tool changes mean more machine uptime.

Although the company has other punch presses, the Prima Punch Genius would be the first of its kind to be used by the customer. Even though the operators were familiar with Ultra™ thick turret tooling, the Ultra UMT multi-tool would be a new concept to them, so they would need to learn how to properly use and maintain it. John believed operator training was essential to the success of the new machine and developed a program for the customer.

First, John explained the benefits of using the turret’s full capability and the correct tooling to add more green light time for production. John then trained the staff in the proper use of the Ultra UMT multi-tool. Ultra UMT added 14 extra punches to the turret, so more tools per station reduce the downtime to change tools. By doing so, they could maximize production and reduce an average of 20 minutes per setup.

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John Galich

John Galich is Marketing Manager at Mate Precision Technologies.