Custom Press Brake Tools to the Rescue

While Mate’s standard press brake tools fulfill the needs for most fabricating operations, sometimes they won’t form the desired part satisfactorily or aren’t the best solution. In these instances, Mate designs these modifications backed by our extensive experience to ensure these modified PBT perform up to expectations.

Modified press brake tools are just standard tools where something is slightly changed to meet the requirement. For example, bending variations may require modifying the angle of a standard punch or die a few degrees, both of which are easily accomplished. The induction hardening depth for Mate’s press brake tooling is 3mm-4mm (.118” – .157”). This depth allows the material to be removed to modify an angle or change a radius without jeopardizing the structural integrity of the tool. Other frequent tool modifications include cutting a window or relief pocket to provide clearance so that a formed part does not collide with the punch during the forming process.

Why Custom Press Brake Tools?

When a standard or modified standard isn’t the best solution, our application specialists can design custom press brake tools to meet the specific bending objective. Frequent custom requests include forming multiple bends in one stroke to decrease production costs by increasing formed parts per hour.

The monolithic cam action tool (left) is an excellent example of Mate’s custom design capabilities. It was designed to meet the customer’s most complex bending requirements and forms aluminum, steel, stainless and other metals with 180° and larger bends.

Mate can provide various custom press brake tools for virtually every special bending requirement in American Precision, European Precision and Wila Trumpf Styles. All Mate press brake tools – Standard, Modified and Custom – are guaranteed to satisfy your bending application needs and are backed by Mate’s 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee. Contact your Mate fabrication specialist to learn how we can solve your special bending challenges.

Blog Author

John Galich

John Galich is Marketing Manager at Mate Precision Technologies.