Zen and the Art of Workholding Maintenance

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Is performing workholding maintenance easy with your current system? Does the manufacturer even provide a maintenance schedule? In our experience and during our interviews with other workholding users, the difficulty of maintaining or repairing workholding systems was one of the biggest complaints. For this reason, Mate, with our commitment to your satisfaction, strived to make workholding maintenance easy when we developed our 52/96 zero-point system.

Workholding Maintenance Made Easy

At the outset, we insisted that our DynoGrip™ vises, DynoLock™ bases, and DynoMount™ mounts would be simple to maintain and repair to ensure long-lasting high performance. During the design process we ensured that all the products could be easily disassembled into their individual components without the need for any special equipment or processes.

We also understood that more than just simplifying disassembly would be required. Even with the high-quality, fully hardened tool steels used in our workholding system, components will wear over a long lifespan and hundreds of thousands of cycles. When components wear, we want our customers to be able to repair their workholding instead of replacing the entire vise or base. This capability is why customers can easily find and purchase all the components for our vises and bases listed in our catalog.

A Guide to the Maintenance Process

Mate also created the Operator’s Manual to guide you through the workholding maintenance process. The Operator’s Manual includes detailed instructions on correctly disassembling and reassembling your Mate workholding products, including preventive maintenance schedules. You can find the Operator’s Manual on mate.com or by accessing QuickSpecs by scanning the QR code on every Mate DynoGrip vise, DynoLock base and DynoMount mount with your smartphone camera. We’re here to support you, so please be sure to visit the Mate YouTube channel, where we have several Mate Workholding tutorials explaining many of the procedures in the Operator’s Manual.

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Austin Heisick

Austin Heisick is Global Workholding Product Manager for Mate Precision Technologies.