New Machinable Hard Jaws Let You Clamp Parts Your Way

Mate recently launched our machinable hard jaws for all sizes of our DynoGrip vises. Available in center and movable configurations, the new machinable hard jaws feature the same quick-change design but are blank so that you can add your custom profile. You can modify the machinable hard jaws, or we can add your custom jaw profile before we ship them to you.

Incredible Machinable Jaw Hardness

Mate’s new machinable hard jaws use the same hardened tool steel as our standard jaws. As a result, they have the same core hardness of 45-50 HRC and surface hardness of up to 65 HRC. They can handle the complex geometry you typically associate with soft jaws but with increased rigidity and hardness. Mate’s machinable hard jaws are also available as center jaws to double your capacity while holding parts with complex geometries.

Unlimited Geometries

The possibilities for jaw geometries are endless. For example, we’ve made modifications for customers with custom dovetails, with or without alignment pins, and Picatinny rail dovetails. We have created numerous solutions for holding round parts, including half circles in each jaw, V-shaped jaws with teeth, and inserts for clamping bars on top of the jaws. We’ve also designed jaws with a radius on the front clamping face for holding round bars horizontally, fewer teeth, larger teeth, and narrower profiles to increase bite into the workpiece. Our machinable hard jaws are also well-suited for holding complex part geometry during finishing operations, with numerous examples using customer-specific part geometry in the top face or front clamping faces for use during finishing.

Unparalleled Technical Support and Delivery

Mate is skilled at mass customization. We can deliver machinable hard jaws with your specific geometry in days. Having Mate add your specific geometry to the jaws allows you to keep your spindle cutting parts for your customers and ensures that your workholding solution works right out of the box. They increase the versatility of your workholding set-up by allowing you to clamp your parts your way and change between jaws in seconds.

Blog Author

Austin Heisick

Austin Heisick is Global Workholding Product Manager for Mate Precision Technologies.