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Mate’s applications specialists and in-field sales engineers are highly regarded for their expertise. Not only do they speak your language, they are fully capable of helping you to improve processes and solve problems with innovative solutions..

Case in point: A customer that produces large electronic enclosures asked Mate to participate in an initiative to help them reduce packaging costs. The customer used large pieces of expanded foam to separate each panel during transportation. The foam was expensive to purchase, awkward to store and difficult to dispose of at the ultimate destination.

Prepunch, Forming and Blanking ToolsTheir future state solution was to fabricate a small, disposable metal clip that would be attached to each panel to keep them separate during shipping. In order to produce this disposable component as cheaply as possible, the parts had to be produced with minimal handling. After discussing their need with Mate application specialist Guy Anderson, Mate developed a prototype using a lance and form assembly. Once the concept was proven, they moved it into production mode.

The Mate solution uses three tools, four hits and almost no handing:

  • Pre-pierce around the form – two hits using a progressive cluster tool.
  • Form the two clips on one hit
  • Blank the finished components into the scrap chute

Since the pre-pierce shape to create the profile around the form would have resulted in a substantial cantilever (weak die), our applications team recommended a progressive cluster tool. Each hit pierces the right- and left-hand side of adjacent components, together with the hanging hole. The forming tool creates both forms in a single hit, and is relieved to prevent crushing the adjacent forms. Finally, the blanking tool is relieved in the center to prevent crushing the forms of the part, and also relieved around the side to prevent damage to the adjacent forms.

This application, combined with the customers “outside-the-box” concept, eliminated many sources of waste including procurement, storage and disposal of the foam packaging material. It is another demonstration of how Mate is your go-to source for innovative solutions that save customers time, money, and resources.

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John Galich

John Galich is Marketing Manager at Mate Precision Technologies.