Mate On Demand™: Tooling Management Made Easy

Let’s face it. Managing your tooling can be very frustrating. You have standard tools, custom tools, quotes, pending orders and replacement orders…the list goes on. What if there was a better way to handle tooling management? There is! Meet Mate On Demand™: our comprehensive, one-of-a-kind tooling management system.

Mate On Demand lets you accomplish virtually all of your tooling-related tasks online 24/7, from either your desktop or phone:

  • Need a quote to complete an RFQ on a job? Avoid the wait and get it exactly when you need it.
  • Want to order new punch press or press brake tooling? No problem! Securely configure what you need and place the order online.
  • Don’t know the part numbers? Simply select the tooling style and size. Choose from an array of standard shapes, special shapes and accessories, too. When you’re ready to buy, just click “Add to Toolbox.”
  • Unsure if a part will fit? There’s instant station range validation when you enter the station size and clearance.
  • Need punch press forming applications? All Mate forming applications are available, including louvers, countersinks and more.

What’s more, Mate On Demand also provides you access to your very own tooling library, purchase history and Mate service subscriptions. You can:

  • Place orders or get quotes for previously purchased items
  • Review progress of open orders, including a drill-down to specific line items.
  • Manage your special shape, assembly and press brake tooling engineering drawings
  • Review and manage your order history
  • Engage our Customer Service team via the “Contact Us” tab
  • Manage your Mate service subscriptions
  • View invoices, including a link to order tracking

We know your time is valuable. Mate On Demand is tooling management made easy. Let it help you reclaim some of that time as your all-in-one tooling management system.

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Blog Author

John Galich

John Galich is Marketing Manager at Mate Precision Technologies.