Quick Set-Ups and Rapid Changeovers

Having over seven decades of experience in machining precision tooling, Mate understands the importance of quick set-ups and rapid changeovers. With over one hundred CNC machines on our shop floor, Mate has utilized nearly every workholding solution available. When we decided to create our workholding system, we knew set-up and changeover were areas that needed to be improved. This knowledge led to the development of numerous standard features on our DynoLock™ bases to improve set-up and changeover time for our customers. We also offer multiple accessories to ensure you have the right equipment for your specific application.

All DynoLock bases include a precision center probe hole for acquiring location indicator readings to set up your DynoLock base quickly. The precision center probe hole also eliminates the need for additional items, such as a centering gauge. Mate DynoLock bases feature precision key slots for machine tools with T-slot tables to align the base quickly. Mate offers standard and round orientation keys to use with precision key slots.

We also offer DynoLock bottom covers with optional centering spuds to set up a base in rotary tables and indexers quickly and easily. In addition to quick set-ups, Mate understands the need for rapid changeovers. The best-in-class accuracy (±0.013mm (±0.0005”)) and best-in-class repeatability (±0.005mm (±0.0002”)) offered by our DynoLock™ bases reduce unnecessary inspection and probing operations, which reduce changeover time. The ball lifters included in all Mate DynoLock bases ensure quick separation between the base and top tool.

The standard features and optional accessories offered by the Mate modular 52/96 workholding system will reduce your set-up and changeover times to get you in the cut sooner and keep you in the cut for longer.

Blog Author

Austin Heisick

Austin Heisick is Global Workholding Product Manager for Mate Precision Technologies.