Holding Firm

A properly functioning workholding solution must provide high holding force, accuracy and repeatability. If a part moves once the machining begins, the workholding system’s high accuracy and repeatability are wasted. For this reason, Mate designed our modular workholding system so that each component would deliver an unparalleled, best-in-class holding force.

Our Mounts, Vises, & Bases Work as a System

Our workholding system starts with our DynoMount™ tombstones, risers, dual-right angles, and pyramids, all of which have high-precision mounting bores for installing DynoLock™ bases. Mate began by using the highest quality materials and surface treatments. Mate’s DynoMount tombstones and dual-right angles are constructed utilizing cast iron, pyramids from aerospace-grade aluminum, and risers from A2 tool steel.

Mate DynoLock bases deliver best-in-class holding force through the proprietary internal locking mechanism. DynoLock’s internal locking mechanism utilizes a yoke design that engages the outside diameters of the pull studs and draws them down and to the center. This high-engagement contact area enables the DynoLock bases to deliver best-in-class holding forces of 22kN (5000lbs) for the 52 family and 26kN (6000lbs) for the 96 family to retain the DynoGrip vises. Mate DynoLock bases use the highest quality tool steels to remain rigid and deliver high holding forces over a long lifespan.

Mate DynoGrip vises hold a workpiece with best-in-class clamping forces of 23kN (5200lbs) for the 52 family and 34kN (7650lbs) for the 96 family. The forces generated by the DynoGrip vises start with the lead screw. The lead screw features precision synchronized timed threads constructed from premium tool steel, heat treated and finished with a Titanium CarboNitride coating. The clamping force is transmitted from the lead screw through the pushers to the jaws using our proprietary design to generate half a pound of downward force for each pound of clamping force. The downward force generated by this interaction contributes to the best-in-class holding force. The jaws then grip the workpiece with the precision serrated teeth, which create superior bite and downward force to hold the workpiece in even the most demanding machining applications.

Mate’s 52/96 zero-point, modular, quick-change workholding system delivers best-in-class accuracy, repeatability, and holding force to allow you to configure a solution that will work for your specific application and will get you cutting chips faster and keep you in the cut for longer.

Blog Author

Austin Heisick

Austin Heisick is Global Workholding Product Manager for Mate Precision Technologies.