CO2 Lens Solutions for Every Application

Sometimes, knowing which of Mate’s high-quality CO2 lenses to use for an application can be confusing. The chart below will help in that decision making process. Factors like type of material, reflectivity and the amount of power needed greatly affect which type of lens is best for your applications.

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Lens offers the latest technology for CO2 laser cutting:

  • Low absorption for maximum cutting power.
  • Improved cut quality and consistency.
  • Helium Neon (He Ne) laser beam compatible for safer laser operation. Proprietary clear coating offers superior lens stability and allows for lens inspection and stress analysis.



Lens raises the standard for C02 laser cutting:

  • Lower absorption for maximum cut quality and extended lens life: Mate Performax lenses are rated at A < .20%, among the lowest absorption rated standard lenses on the market.
  • Superior polishing for a smoother, easier to clean surface: Mate Performax lenses are polished to a 20/10 scratch/dig specification.
  • Smoother lenses resist spatter and stay clean longer.



Low absorption lenses for high power CO2 lasers:

  • Guaranteed absorption for <0.15% – constant throughout the lens lifetime.
  • Maximum focus stability.
  • Toughest coating in the industry. Remarkable durability.
  • Best ability to withstand back spatter.
  • Easier to clean and maintain.
  • Resistant to humidity.
  • Recommended and approved by leading OEMS.
  • Used for all high powered coz lasers including those over 5KW.
  • Radioactive free coating.
  • Excels in cutting aluminum and stainless steel.
  • Best cost-benefit ratio.

Blog Author

Cindy Hallas

Cindy Hallas is the Laser Product Specialist at Mate Precision Technologies.