Mate Roller Shoulder Dies

Forming heavy plate in a press brake causes a tremendous amount of friction on the die as the part drags across the die shoulders. That friction can result in rapid die wear and galling which will lead to inconsistent angles both along the length of the bend and from bend to bend that will only get worse as the wear continues.

Mate’s roller shoulder dies have two hardened and precision ground steel rods that act as the die shoulders. As the part forms, the rollers rotate with the part rather than resist it. This rolling action significantly reduces the friction between the die and the part thus reducing die shoulder wear. This innovative design also helps prevent galling and reduces friction which then reduces the tonnage required to form the part.

The rotating rods are hardened and precision ground but eventually may show signs of wear. To eliminate potential quality problems related to die wear, the rods are easily replaceable. Loosen the set screw, slide out the old rod, slide in the new rod, and snug up the set screw. Now you basically have a new die.

Roller shoulder dies are available with V-openings of 7.874” (200mm), 9.843” (250mm), and 12.598” (320mm).

These large dies are heavy so we chose to limit the length to 3.937” (100mm) to make them safe to setup and remove from the press brake. Because they are precision ground the sections will line up properly when installed in the press brake.

The die base is non-style specific with a 13mm wide slot and two tapped holes on the bottom that is designed to receive an adaptor. Adaptors are available for European style 60mm base, Wila/Trumpf style 13mm tang, and American style .500” tang. The adaptor can easily be changed to another style enabling compatibility with all three styles of press brakes.


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Larry Boden

Larry Boden is Press Brake Tooling Specialist at Mate Precision Technologies.