Workholding Adaptability: Critical to Success

Workholding adaptability is critical to your success. It allows you to accommodate a broader range of workpieces in the same machine tool and greatly impacts the changeover and set-up time.

Our last two workholding blogs covered the importance of a reliable base and vise to achieve a highly accurate and repeatable workholding solution. A best-in-class workholding system will offer a high level of adaptability in addition to accuracy, repeatability and holding force.

Quick Change Jaws are Designed for Maximum Versatility

Enter the Mate quick change jaw system, which features a tool-less design to allow you to change between jaw options in seconds. Mate offers a wide range of jaws compatible with our DynoGrip™ vises. Our standard jaw features a three-in-one design with parallel, serrated and dovetail jaws. Mate also offers machinable soft jaws available in aluminum and steel and the newest addition to our jaw line, machinable hard jaws.

Our new machinable hard jaws feature a core hardness of 45-50 HRC and a surface hardness of up to 65 HRC. Machinable hard jaws offer the rigidity, strength and hardness of standard jaws and the flexibility, customization and complex geometry associated with soft jaws. Mate can add your custom profile to the machinable hard jaws so they are ready to use right out of the box. Mate’s history of mass customization has allowed us to build the systems necessary to quote and ship custom machinable hard jaws in days.

All Mate DynoGrip vises can be configured with a center jaw to convert it to a dual station vise and double your capacity. Centers jaws are easy to install, only requiring two cap screws. Center jaws are available as machinable soft, machinable hard or our standard jaw design.

Finally, Mate DynoGrip vises can generate inward or outward force to increase the number of gripping configurations. Force can be quickly changed from inward to outward by removing the pushers and rotating them 180°. The outward force allows you to hold undercuts and enables you to hold larger workpieces.

The Mate DynoGrip vises and quick-change jaw system offers best-in-class adaptability enabling users to create a workholding solution for any application. The toolless quick-change jaws minimize changeover time allowing you to stay in the cut. As always, Mate DynoGrip vises and DynoLock bases offer best-in-class accuracy, repeatability, holding force, and best-in-class adaptability.

Learn more about Mate’s workholding system and download our latest catalog.

Blog Author

Austin Heisick

Austin Heisick is Global Workholding Product Manager for Mate Precision Technologies.