QuickSpecs™ Workholding Product ID System

The QuickSpecs workholding product ID system is included exclusively with Mate’s upcoming 52/96 zero point system. When Mate’s engineers and machinists designed the new system with efficiency in mind, they looked beyond the making of parts to the entire manufacturing process. Launching in 2021, Mate’s new workholding line is unlike anything else on the market.

The QuickSpecs workholding product ID system is just one of the many innovations from Mate that makes machining more efficient. Simply use a mobile device and scan the 2D barcode imprinted on DynoGrip™ vises, DynoLock™ bases or DynoMount™ mounts. You will have access to the product’s full specifications, all related to the specific serial number of the item, including real-time access to critical user data and CAD models. QuickSpecs also allows customers to access important product data points such as date of assembly, maximum clamping force (kN) and maximum torque (Nm).

A true time saver, the QuickSpecs workholding product ID system also links to CAD files. Instead of searching endlessly for the files you need, one scan to QuickSpecs lets you get the geometry into your CAM software to start making chips. Potential integration into your business systems is also possible.

QuickSpecs is just one of many ways the Mate’s new 52/96 zero point workholding system is designed to improve your shop efficiency.

Blog Author

John Galich

John Galich is Marketing Manager at Mate Precision Technologies.