New Era for Workholding

Workholding has always been fascinating to me. To produce precision parts, a quality piece of workholding is a must to absorb the harmonics and vibrations during machining. It must be repeatable between parts and set ups, and robust enough to last in the harshest shop environments. Plus, each industry has its own unique processes and requirements that outsiders might not be aware of.Mate Workholding System: DynoGrip™ Vises, DynoLock™ Bases and DynoMount™ Mounts

It’s because of these unique processes and requirements that innovation almost always comes from an unmet need. I think most companies who have been innovators in the workholding space were initially a manufacturer of something else before workholding. For example, think about a contract manufacturer or a job shop with multiple jobs coming in. Perhaps they first adapted another company’s standard workholding in order to accomplish their goals. When that didn’t work, they created something better.

That’s the story at Mate. As a machine shop ourselves, we’ve used numerous different brands of workholding to produce precision parts since the 1960s. Over time our needs changed, and we wanted different workholding than what we could find on the market. So, our machinists and engineers collaborated to design their own solution. To meet our needs, we created a modular workholding system that can be quickly changed as new orders come in.

We liked our solution so much that we are gearing up to share it with others. Stay tuned for more on this exciting new product line by signing up now to keep in the know.


Blog Author

Dean Everson

Dean Everson is Regional Sales Manager, Workholding for Mate Precision Technologies