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Mate Workholding is here! We’re excited to let you now that we are now accepting orders for our all new 52/96 zero point workholding system. Product shipments will begin the week of July 26. The system includes vises, bases, and mounting systems which are manufactured in Minnesota.

Mate’s workholding system, which supports common robotic interfaces and palletizing systems for factory automation. includes:

  • Mate DynoGrip™ self-centering vises feature maximum holding power in a compact system with minimal part movement and zero point quality engagement with a rigid four-post pull stud pattern. Available in 13 sizes and 3 widths.
  • Mate DynoLock™ quick change bases provide zero point quality engagement with the same four-post stud pattern and best-in-class holding power, center accuracy and repeatability and is available in 11 size variations.
  • Mate DynoMount™ system expands machine capacity and flexibility with tombstones, pyramids, risers, and dual right-angle mounts that feature the same zero point quality engagement for four-point stud patterns.
  • QuickSpecs™, our unique product identification system, allowing real-time access to critical user data, CAD models, and potential integration into business systems.

The Mate workholding system is backed by sophisticated technical support, unsurpassed product quality, responsive customer service, and Mate’s industry-leading 100-percent satisfaction guarantee.

To place an order, contact us at (800) 328-4492, 763-421-0230, or send an email explaining your needs to

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John Galich

John Galich is Marketing Manager at Mate Precision Technologies.