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Common Height Tooling American Style

Mate American Precision Style press brake tools are purposefully designed with safety and productivity in mind. The best performing machines use safety systems that work together with the tooling. These systems maximize material processing, which requires common punch and die heights. Having a common pass line for the workpiece helps keep productivity high and unwanted sheet marking to a minimum.

All of our standard punches and dies hAmerican Style Press Brake Toolingave a uniform and consistent overall height. When you order a 5.75” tall punch it will be 5.75” regardless of tip radius, profile, or angle. When you order a 4.125” tall die it will be 4.125” regardless of V-opening or die angle. Why is this important? That’s easy: operator safety.

Operator safety is at its highest with close proximity point of operation guarding. Close proximity point of operation guarding systems instantly stop the ram travel if something enters the pinch point danger zone between the punch and die. Once the punch is .25” above the die, the guarding system is muted (i.e., will not stop the ram) and it will not stop the ram for the remaining portion of the stroke, even if there is something in the pinch zone.

Pinch Zone

Figure 01

If there are punches or dies with different heights in the setup, the safety system only sees the tallest punch and the tallest die. The safety system is muted when the tip of the tallest punch is .25” above the tallest die regardless of their position along the bed. This creates a dangerous pinch zone between shorter tools where an operator could be injured. See figure 01.

Staging different shape tools is simple, and efficient with common height tools. Multiple setups can be combined safely. Machine programming and setup are simplified with common height tools.

Mate press brake tools are induction hardened to a depth of .11” to .16” and are precision ground on the work surfaces. 

Mate press brake tools have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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