Eliminating Sheet Metal Burrs without the Secondary Operation

Eliminating sheet metal burrs is a frequent need in fabricating operations. The punching process frequently causes burrs on sheet metal parts. Handling parts with these sharp edges can be hazardous for both operators and end customers. Removing burrs typically requires a secondary operation such as a straight line sander that adds time and cost to the fabricating operation. When the burrs are in tight corners, removal is even more time consuming. Mate offers a couple of solutions to eliminate the secondary operations altogether directly in the punch press, enabling you to take full advantage of the capabilities of your punch press.

Our more economical solution is the Straight Line Deburr tool that is designed to do what its name implies: it eliminates sheet metal burrs that occur in a straight line. Easy to set up and program, Straightline Deburr tool uses a raised area on the die that is angled at 20 degrees and coins the burr back into the material’s fracture area. Straight Line Deburr is perfect for tight corners. It can also be used to deburr a single side or the interior of a rectangular opening. Straightline Deburr is available for all tooling styles.

The Mate Rollerball Deburr tool is designed for Thick Turret and Trumpf-style applications. Taking advantage of Mate’s Rollerball technology, this tool uses the extended programming capabilities of punch presses that can operate in the x and y axis with the ram down.

Rollerball Deburr eliminates sheet metal burrs by pushing the burr away and creating a radius on the side of the part. Using a special ball in both the upper and lower part of the tool, every possible part contour can be processed—even small corners. Mate Rollerball Deburr can be used with materials up to a thickness of 0.157(4.00) in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Sold as a set, Rollerball Deburr comes complete with everything you need, including three springs that allow you to adjust the tension appropriate to the material being punched.

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John Galich

John Galich is Marketing Manager at Mate Precision Technologies.