Eliminate Fasteners With SnapLock™

Many fabricating jobs require the joining of parts. Typically, fabricators use fasteners (screws, rivets) or welds to do so. While effective, they add secondary operations and material costs to the job. Joining parts doesn’t necessarily require fasteners or welds. Applications are available that can help lower manufacturing costs and speed time to delivery. Why not eliminate fasteners with SnapLock™?

Mate Precision Tooling developed SnapLock™ for just such SnapLock boxa purpose. SnapLock allows fabricators to join parts, even if they are of dissimilar types and/or thicknesses. SnapLock eliminates expensive secondary operations such as spot welding, riveting or fastening with threaded hardware. With SnapLock, fabricated assemblies can be created efficiently and effectively
with CNC precision.

SnapLock is a Lance and Form assembly that provides a self-locking, spring-loaded tab that snaps securely into a pre-punched hole. When engaged with a hole in the receiving tab, the small button provides a positive mechanical lock. It can also be removed if needed.

Benefits include

  • Precision joint placement with CNC accuracy
  • Eliminate expensive secondary operations
  • Eliminate fasteners
  • Attach parts by hand in assembly
  • Form placement can be inside or outside
  • Joins dissimilar material types, such as stainless steel and aluminum
  • Joins dissimilar material thicknesses
  • Fabricate and assemble pre-painted material

Besides joining parts, customers have used SnapLock in a wide variety of ways including:

  • Locators for precise parts fit
  • Joining materials where welding is not possible, such as metal and PVC
  • Use on prepainted materials where hardware or welding could mar the surface
  • Shelf locators for metal furniture
  • Easing downstream assembly by eliminating tools, hardware and welding

Download the Solution Bulletin for additional information. You can also download a case study to see how one customer used SnapLock and improved their throughput by 85% and decreased costs by 20%. Finally, you can also watch an animation about how SnapLock creates the form in sheet metal.

Blog Author

John Galich

John Galich is Marketing Manager at Mate Precision Technologies.