Custom Workholding Solutions

The best workholding solution will always be the one that works for your specific application. This could mean a custom workholding solution is your best option. It is often necessary to look beyond off-the-shelf solutions in order to find something that works for your application. Enter Mate Precision Technologies and our ability to quickly deliver custom workholding.

Mate is well known in the sheetmetal fabrication industry for our ability to deliver custom punch press tooling and press brake tooling very quickly. Over the past 60 years, Mate developed the systems, tools and expertise necessary to quickly perform mass customization of tooling. Our ability to machine tool steel in its hardened state allows us to modify tooling after heat treatment, reducing the lead time for custom solutions from weeks to days or even less.

These same systems and expertise also apply to the metal cutting industry for workholding products. In fact, our ability to deliver custom workholding products quickly has impressed our customers, with one customer telling us, “You were able to deliver our custom workholding before your competition even provided a quote.”

Making Quick Work of Custom Workholding

Mate can create a custom workholding solution by modifying any of our standard products. We delivered custom vises with direct mounting holes, custom vises with robot loading features, custom modified mounting hardware and custom bases to fit specific machine tool tables. Mate has also delivered numerous custom jaws with profiles designed to hold customers’ unique workpiece shapes.

In addition to custom modifications to standard products, Mate can also create custom solutions from scratch to meet our customer’s needs. We created adapter plates to fit on any machine tool table. Mate also designed and delivered custom fully-loaded tombstones to fit in specific machine tool envelopes.

When it comes to workholding, you don’t need to settle for “close enough.” With Mate, you can get a custom workholding solution for your application in less time than you might imagine. Let Mate partner with you to deliver our best-in-class workholding, custom-designed for your unique application.

Blog Author

Austin Heisick

Austin Heisick is Global Workholding Product Manager for Mate Precision Technologies.