Better Component Marking

Component marking is critical for many manufacturers. Since manufacturing processes frequently take place in multiple locations, communication is the key to ensuring the accuracy of each sequential process. To minimize error, components need to be marked before they move to the next step for easy identification. Typically, this involves some sort of traditional component marking, which while effective, can remove the material or damage the piece part.


Determined to find a better component marking solution, Mate and Prima Power embarked on a development project. The result was the EasyMark™ 5-in-1 tool that provides users with five-part marking capabilities that use the same thick turret A-Station guide and canister.

  1. InkMarker™: Write on sheet metal using a special marker that does not dry out for two weeks or more. The part is not harmed, and the mark does not rub off unless required.
  2. Sheetmarker™: Etch sheet metal surfaces using one of two (120 or 150-degree) diamond inserts.
  3. Film/Tape Cutter: Uses a brass insert to cut protective film exposing localized areas without damaging the underlying material.
  4. Centerpoint Down: Uses a carbide insert in conjunction with machine depth control to create locating points.
  5. High-Speed Dot-Matrix Marking: Performs dot matrix marking using a carbide insert.

Improved communication would be realized with the component marking EasyMark creates. Using any one or all of its capabilities could reduce downstream operations and/or paperwork right at the turret. EasyMark can create both permanent (scribe, dot matrix) and nonpermanent (marker) markings. Possible reduction in scrap could be achieved through proper identification of components and or steps.

EasyMark™ Brings Endless Possibilities

With EasyMark, the component marking possibilities are almost endless:

  • Job Number
  • Identify label locations
  • Revision number
  • Weld lengths and locations
  • Part number
  • Ground screw locations
  • Bend line locations and direction
  • Use in conjunction with written instructions
  • Material removal area identification
  • Produce creative signs or designs

Download the Product Bulletin and Solution Bulletin to learn more about EasyMark.

Blog Author

John Galich

John Galich is Marketing Manager at Mate Precision Technologies.